Customer Care

Parents, young people and visitors to the school are very important to us and we wish to provide a quality of service that meets the needs of our stakeholders.

The guiding principle for the school is that we will provide a quality education and service to the young people and the stakeholders with whom we work. We aim to resolve quickly and effectively all concerns and complaints relating to the school and we will work to do this, under the guidance of the schools complaints policy.

In working with our stakeholders we will aim to:

  • Regularly consult with students, parents and other stakeholders about our service to them and ensure that all stakeholders help to shape the education that we offer.
  • Ensure that all staff, treat all stakeholders with the respect, courtesy and understanding that we, ourselves would wish to receive.
  • Be honest about what we can do and cannot do.
  • Ensure that the telephone is answered promptly and in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • Acknowledge that some of our stakeholders wish to discuss personal and sensitive matters. We will make arrangements for their privacy and comfort, ensuring confidentiality.
  • Write letters, emails and publications that are easy to understand and read.
  • Ensure that all information is dealt with in compliance with the Data Protection Act.
  • Respond to letters, emails and telephone correspondence, quickly and /or provide details of who will be dealing with the query and give appropriate timescales for response.
  • Ensure that answer phone messages are clear; all information required is left as appropriate whilst ensuring confidentiality and data protection is upheld.
  • Aim to ensure that we offer a friendly, welcoming and accessible environment for all students, staff and visitors to the school.
  • Ensure that customer care skills are an integral part of interview selection.
  • Be socially inclusive, meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

In ensuring that we work effectively in implementing this customer care policy we will constantly strive to improve our customer focus and monitor our performance against school and departmental targets.  Should you have a comment on how we improve our customer care to you, or if you have a complaint please contact the school on 01204 333266 or email and we will endeavour to help you.