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EPraise is our school rewards system and is a web based system in which staff award students points for 'getting things right'.

Students are automatically awarded points for attendance and punctuality and staff award points for expectations met, excellence, progress, resilience, achievement, initiative spirit and anything extra (up to 2 points per lesson)

Staff can also award “Accolades” for anything above and beyond what goes on in the classroom – this might be for sport, arts, music, drama, helping out at open evenings, excellent effort grades etc.

Students are awarded “Milestone Certificates” when reaching a certain number of points:

                400         Bronze

                600         Silver

                800         Gold

                1000       Platinum

                1200       Headteachers Award 

                1500       Governor’s Award

Points accrued can be spent in the EPraise Shop for items such as pens, geometry sets, footballs, revision guides or experiences such as mountain biking or trampolining!

There are also termly draws for vouchers and other items such as cameras and TV’s. Students collecting enough points are entered into the draws. Staff can also nominate students for some items.

If you have any questions about EPraise you can contact us at epraise@rbhs.co.uk