Student Voice

‘Student Voice’ is a massive agenda for us and will continue to be at the forefront of everything that we do. Students are invited to get involved in the decision making in school and help us to plan for the future. Students’ views and opinions are very important to us as and hopefully, our structure for Student Voice reflects that.

We have representatives from across the year groups concentrating on issues which have been identified by all students as important to our school. They make sure that all students have a chance to have their say via questionnaires and focus group meetings. The results are then shared with the Senior Leadership team and Governors. The Student Senate also keep students informed of what is happening in school, feeding back on results and next steps through assemblies and form period. The student senate meet every other Thursday during term time but a notice board on the corridor in C block gives up to date information.

Recruitment to the Student Senate is now through the new House system, but If you want to be involved in some way speak to a current member of the Student Senate or Mr Andrew, Miss Howard, Mr Tomlinson or Mr Cheetham, the Student Voice Coordinator. To contact them and find out more email

In 2016, we have embarked upon a student voice consultation of, 'We asked' 'You said' and 'We did' for the results of this consultation, please click on the link below:

Click here.

"“The Bigger Picture, Student Senate has, with the help of the whole school community, ensured we have new benches on our patio area for students to use at lunch time and break time. The process involved all students having the opportunity to vote in form groups for things they would like on their ‘wish list’ in school. The Senate then discussed this with senior staff in school and agreed on the new benches, which have been welcomed by all.  The Student Senate are now working on the student planners and gathering information from across school on what students feel is important in their planners. All form groups have been asked to complete an initial questionnaire about their thoughts on the planners and this will be reviewed by the Senate once all have been completed. The Student Senate wishes to continue to work with all pupils and the rest of the school community to allow everyone’s views to be heard and for appropriate action to be taken.”

Student Senate