Student Leaders

Students are elected annually as Post 16 Presidents, Head Boys and Girls and Deputy Head Boys and Girls.  For the year ahead 2016-2017 the students elected are:

Sixth Form Presidents are Jamal Akram and Megan Pott

Vice-Presidents are Luke Pickup and Fatimah Natha

In the Sixth Form we have a Senior Student Leadership team of:

Isaac Knowles
Ethan Graham
Harvey Robinson
Alice Ainscough
Megan Edwards
Mavish Anwar
Layla Ndiaye
Taseen Khan
Zaynab Hafeji
Olivia Ball

Year 11 Leaders 2016-2017

Head Girl is Louise Guest and Head Boy is Max Weston
Deputy Head Girl is Phoebe Briggs and we have two Deputy Head Boys - Luke Carruthers and Matthew Wolfendale.

"As president I have had the opportunity to speak with many people in authority. In the future I hope to continue being a positive role model to other members of our school. Being president has allowed me to experience great amounts of responsibility, and it is important to have a positive attitude towards these responsibilities. I would like to share this positive attitude with many other students.

Creating a diverse environment within the school is important to me as I enjoy bringing people together regardless of their backgrounds. I also enjoy bringing ideas to the table which will make the school more enjoyable for my fellow students. I believe the opinions of others must be respected and taken into consideration before any action is taken and hope I continue to consider others in the future." 

Jamal Akram, Sixth Form President

"Being a president at Rivington has been an amazing privilege over the past few months. It has enabled me to become a positive role model to members of the school and has allowed me to act as a representative of the school to the public. Being trusted with such a responsibility has meant I have had the ability to interact and influence a number of people, something I wouldn’t have been able to do if not for this opportunity. It has taught me to respect the value of other people’s opinion, no matter how they may differ from my own, and to take them into consideration when needed." 

Megan Pott, Sixth Form President