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Humanities and MFL is one of our most diverse yet dynamic faculties, and is made up of the subject areas of History, Geography, Religious Studies, PSHCE and MFL.


A The History team is passionate about History as we believe it is a vital part of everyone’s education. People have a natural inquisitiveness about their past and we want to develop that with fun and interesting lessons. We believe History is valuable to young people because:

•    It helps them to appreciate their own culture and heritage.
•    It allows them to understand and value the cultures and heritages of other people.
•    It stimulates their curiosity and imagination.
•    It enables them to think through complicated issues.
•    It helps students to present their judgements as reasoned arguments.
•    It gives people particular skills – like chronology, or interpretations of the past.
•    By studying history, it prepares people to be citizens of the modern world.

As teachers, we are an unbeatable team. We support each other in developing and trying new ways of making lessons lively and fun.  We want our students to love History as much as we do. We aim to:

•    Help all pupils to achieve their full potential by providing a stimulating and challenging learning experience.
•    Develop Key Skills such as literacy, numeracy and ICT for all pupils.
•    Empower pupils helping them to identify and achieve their next steps in the learning process. 

History at Rivington and Blackrod High School is about more than just a getting a good G.C.S.E or A’ level, even though those things are important to us. Our students achieve excellent results – in fact, we are among the top 10% of schools in the country for our A’ level results; but we aim for our students to develop a love of History that they take with them, for life. To view the curriculum plans for the subject click here:

History - Key Stage 3
History - Key Stage 4
History - Key Stage 5

If you require further information, or wish to visit the department, please contact the Director of Faculty, Ms S Gibbs by calling 01204 333266 or by e-mail


Migration, climate change, earthquakes, economic development, floods, famine, rainforest destruction all make headline news on a daily basis and are increasingly affecting our lives. The Geography team at Rivington and Blackrod are passionate about developing the analytical and communication skills young people need to make sense of the world around them whilst inspiring a sense of wonder and adventure in the subject itself.

Students interactively study the interrelationships between the human and physical worlds, how they affect each other and how they might be managed for a sustainable future...their future. In short we want to empower students to become fully active global citizens able to determine creative, sustainable solutions.

In a rapidly changing landscape we believe Geography provides students with the opportunity to:

  • develop enquiry and critical skills
  • demonstrate informed opinions, about local and global issues
  • understand why people have differing viewpoints
  • empathise with others when seeking solutions
  • use and apply cartographic, graphical, mathematical, ICT and GIS skills
  • extend locational knowledge to understand where things are found, why they are there and how they may change

Evidence shows that students who study geography become some of the most employable people in our society. Our team feels it is paramount then, that the teaching of Geography should be vibrant, topical and engaging. Strong links with the Royal Geographical Society and Geographical Associations enable us to maintain this; we were awarded the Secondary Geography Quality Mark in 2012 by the Geographical Association. We are thus, a high profile, contemporary subject, very popular with students at Rivington and Blackrod High School.

To view the curriculum overviews for Geography, please see the links below:

If you require further information, or wish to visit the department, please contact the Director of Faculty, Ms S Gibbs by calling 01204 333266 or by e-mail

Religious Studies

Through the teaching of Religious Studies at Rivington and Blackrod High School, students explore questions about life and living and what it is to be a human.  These are questions which are asked in all communities and are often addressed through the great religious traditions of the world. 

In considering the questions of meaning and purpose in life, all students have the opportunity to clarify their own beliefs and values in life – as is appropriate to their age and background – and begin to understand the importance of personal commitment and responsibility. 

Through their study of Religious Studies, students are encouraged to recognise and understand the ways in which religious beliefs and practices affect the behaviour of individuals and groups and are helped to develop the positive attitude towards those whose ideas and ways of living are different from their own.  Thus our students are able to respect the beliefs and practices of others and develop a sensitive attitude to living in a multi-faith society.  To view and download an overview of the Religious Studies Curriculum see below:
Religious Studies - Key Stage 3
Religious Studies - Key Stage 4
Religious Studies - Key Stage 5

There is a strong departmental commitment to a non-denominational, non-dogmatic approach to teaching Religious Studies. The department aims to promote an open-minded, enquiring attitude towards the subject, coupled with respect and understanding for the beliefs and opinions of others. In this respect, we believe that our enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to the subject are essential.

If you require further information, or wish to visit the department, please contact the Director of Faculty, Mr G Mason by calling 01204 333266 or by e-mail

PSHCE (Personal Social Health Citizenship Education)

PSHCE is a planned program of learning opportunities and experiences that help children and young people grow and develop as individuals and as members of both families and social and economic communities.

We aim to equip children and young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives. It encourages young people to be enterprising and supports them in making effective transitions throughout their life stages. PSHCE education also enables children and young people to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes, and explore the complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter now and in the future.

Citizenship equips pupils with the knowledge and skills needed for effective and democratic participation. It helps pupils become informed, active citizens who have the confidence and conviction to work together to take action in their communities. Pupils learn about their rights, responsibilities, duties and freedoms and about laws, justice and democracy. Citizenship encourages respect for different national, religious and ethnic identities. Pupils learn how society has changed and how it continues to change in the UK, Europe and Internationally.

To view the curriculum overviews for PSHCE please see the links below:

PSHCE - Key Stage 3

PSHCE - Key Stage 4

If you require further information, or wish to visit the department, please contact the Director of Faculty, Mr G Mason by calling 01204 333266 or by e-mail

Modern Foreign Languages: French & German

We believe that Modern Foreign Languages play a vital role in the future of our pupils and offer both French and German.  Languages are essential in the 21st century and provide pupils with lifelong skills.  Employers are keen to employ workers who can communicate with offices abroad.  In modern day society we have many links with foreign countries and the ability to work with others is becoming essential.  

Our Modern Foreign Languages department run successful visits, alternating every two years with a visit to the German Markets and a visit to a French Château – these visits give students the opportunity to practice their language skills. To view the curriculum overviews for French please click on the links below:
French - Key Stage 3
French - Key Stage 4
French - Key Stage 5

To view the German curriculum, please click on the links below:
German - Key Stage 3
German - Key Stage 4
German - Key Stage 5

If you require further information, or wish to visit the department please contact the Director of Faculty, Ms J Lyons by calling 01204 333266 or by e-mail

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