Performing Arts Faculty

Our Performing Arts Faculty which is made up of both the Drama and Music departments is dedicated to teaching the disciplines of theatre, music and dance.  A range of qualifications are offered including both GCSE and A-Level and students regularly work with our experienced staff to host theatrical and musical performances both within in school and in our local community.


We aim to give all students a multi-sensory and educational experience which will provide them with skills for life.  Students are introduced to a variety of theatre styles and genres and they work on the themes of teamwork, communication and cooperation; skills which are transferable to other subjects and are lifelong skills. The department reinforces the key skills of literacy, numeracy and citizenship through the devising of drama pieces which are frequently performed to audiences both large and small and the study of plays written by different people.   Students explore ideas, and respond to issues in different contexts demonstrating an appropriate use of drama to communicate meaning to others.  We have many students who we have supported to progress their careers on the stage and in television making drama, their lifelong career choice.

To view the curriculum plans for Drama please click on the links below:

Drama KS3 curriculum overview
Drama KS4 curriculum overview
Drama KS5 A - Level curriculum overview
Key Stage 5 - BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts


Music forms part of the mosaic of life, and our enthusiastic and talented music teachers strive to help all students to enjoy, appreciate and understand different musical genres.  We work with pupils to motivate them to perform and compose music and often students’ develop musical careers on both national and international stages.  

Students study for both their GCSE and BTEC qualifications, investigating and analysing elements of national and international music (UK, Latin American, India, Indonesian and music from the West Indies are all included).  Blues, Ragtime, Pop Music and Musicals are themed areas of study forming part of a full analysis of the history and context of music.  In later studies, pupils compose their own musical pieces and learn to master their instrumental skills.

In addition, there are many opportunities for extra-curricular learning. We regularly host music concerts throughout the year and students can participate through our Orchestra, Jazz Band, Woodwind Group and Choir.  We have a senior vocal band, a brass band and string groups and we encourage students to develop their singing talents or establish new groups from within school.  

To view and download an overview of the Music Curriculum across the key stages please click here.

If you require further information, or wish to visit the department, please contact the Director of Faculty, Mrs G Bentham by calling 01204 333266 or by e-mail