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I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Rivington and Blackrod High School and Sixth Form. Founded in 1566, our school has held an important place in this community for centuries. We are very proud of our tradition as a successful, forward thinking and caring school. I extend a personal invite to you to visit our school and to see the rich opportunities available for all students supported by an inclusive caring community. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent education in all areas of the curriculum and a wide range of learning and enrichment opportunities. Our Christian values underpin all that we do in ensuring that all of our students achieve the highest academic standards and develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. Our aim is to ensure that all students feel safe, happy and grow as successful learners and caring global citizens. Insisting on high standards in all that we do, we strive to encourage students to achieve to their highest aspirations. As a school, we constantly develop ways of improving and extending the range of opportunities and the support that we offer. I am proud of our status as a School Direct Centre, training student teachers, thus allowing us to push the boundaries of teaching and learning...


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Excel News Magazine

Welcome to the Spring edition of EXCEL News Magazine. So many fantastic activities and events have taken place this term, and I am incredibly proud of the achievements of our students who continually prove to be a credit to both themselves and us as a school. Thank you to all staff and students for making World Book Day such an outstanding success. As literary figures came to life, we embarked upon activities and competitions which brought the whole school together to celebrate the joys of reading. In addition, we have had a number of international visits take place including trips...


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    Letter to parents with information in respect of the end of term, July 2017 and the start of term arrangements for September 2017.

  • Bolton News Article

    An article appeared in the Bolton news showing a picture of a liberal democrat candidate outside of the school. This picture was taken without the knowledge or consent of either the school or trust.

  • New Behaviour for Learning Policy

    The school’s new Behaviour for Learning Policy has been delivered to students in assemblies this week, It is crucial that the policy and procedures are adhered to consistently by staff, understood by students and supported by parents/carers.


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What motivated you to become a teacher?

After working for many years in scientific research, I felt the time had come for a change. I had always thought of becoming a teacher and I felt that I could use my knowledge and experience to help pupils in many different ways, from giving a real life context to scientific topics, to helping pupils prepare for studying science at university and beyond.

Why did you choose the Rivington School Direct Route?

I think the big advantage of the Rivington School Direct programme is the deep integration with the schools. From the first day of term you are welcomed like one of the members of staff, immediately getting involved with all aspects of school life. Also, I found it very reassuring to know which group of schools I would be placed in. This offered me some security when compared with traditional PGCE routes.

What have you liked about being a trainee?

The best part of the training is the time in the classroom with the students. The enthusiasm and curiosity of the students towards science has been very inspiring and has served to enhance my own love of the subject. 

What is the most positive thing in your mind about Rivington School Direct?

The quality of the professional development training is a strength of the Rivington School Direct program. The skills of the mentors within the alliance are used to great effect to deliver practical and useful advice through the career development sessions. In addition, there is a great sense of community amongst the trainees, and the network of mentors. This camaraderie has been vitally important in supporting me through this challenging, though ultimately rewarding year.

What are your future aspirations?

This year is hopefully just the start of a long career in teaching. Over the next 5 year, I would aim to be increasing my role within the science department, taking more responsibility and playing an active role in the development of schemes of work.



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