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I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Rivington and Blackrod High School and Sixth Form. Founded in 1566, our school has held an important place in this community for centuries. We are very proud of our tradition as a successful, forward thinking and caring school. I extend a personal invite to you to visit our school and to see the rich opportunities available for all students supported by an inclusive caring community. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent education in all areas of the curriculum and a wide range of learning and enrichment opportunities. Our Christian values underpin all that we do in ensuring that all of our students achieve the highest academic standards and develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. Our aim is to ensure that all students feel safe, happy and grow as successful learners and caring global citizens. Insisting on high standards in all that we do, we strive to encourage students to achieve to their highest aspirations. As a school, we constantly develop ways of improving and extending the range of opportunities and the support that we offer. I am proud of our status as a School Direct Centre, training student teachers, thus allowing us to push the boundaries of teaching and learning...


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What motivated you to become a teacher?

I had a well-paid, challenging job in newspapers but I had been doing it for so long that I was no longer getting any real job satisfaction. I started studying maths (my favourite subject at school) as a hobby in the first place, but I soon remembered how much I used to enjoy it and it went from there.

Why did you choose the Rivington School Direct Route? 

I chose Rivington School Direct because I was impressed by the level of support on offer. With School Direct you still go to university and get all the qualifications, but you have more of a connection to your schools.

What have you liked about being a trainee? 

I love going to university and being a student myself. Learning to teach is fascinating, the way young minds work and the step-by-step approach to learning. Experienced teachers make it look so easy but I have found it really, really difficult. The schools have been brilliant though, and the teachers have been so patient, and so generous, giving advice and encouragement. I chose two completely different schools, one very small, the other a large, faith school with a sixth form, so I have had two very contrasting experiences.

What is the most positive thing in your mind about Rivington School Direct? 

Besides the support structure, the training is very good. The training sessions are a good chance to meet up with the other trainees. You also get to visit a lot of the other schools in the partnership which is interesting. 

What are your future aspirations? 

At the moment I just want to become the best Maths teacher that I can possible be, but in the future I would like to train to become a mentor for trainees myself.



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