English Baccalaureate

At Rivington and Blackrod High School all students are encouraged to choose appropriate learning packages to meet their individual needs.  Some students will choose to study very academic subjects, others more vocational and others a mix between the two.  The important thing is that the overall package of subjects has a good balance and allows you to progress on to whichever Post 16 set of courses you wish to. 

Over the last few years’ subjects, courses and exams have changed significantly.  Not only have they changed in their design, but a lot have changed in terms of the emphasis on the subject you choose.  For example, the top Universities want students to study GCSEs from a specific list of courses. 

The English Baccalaureate is a combination of subjects that recognises the achievements of students who complete a broad range of academic courses.  This suite of qualifications does not replace GCSEs but will be awarded to students who achieve A* - C in English, Maths, two Sciences, one Modern Foreign Language and one Humanity.  The English Baccalaureate is popular by government, employers and universities.  We would encourage you to consider this as an option if you are thinking of progressing on to graduate level jobs and courses.

Students who wish to work toward this qualification must study either French or German AND History or Geography.  The English, Maths and Sciences GCSEs are all part of core and are compulsory for all students.