Lead Practitioners

Rivington and Blackrod High School is at the forefront of developing its staff into a world class outstanding workforce.  As part of our drive to “institutionalise” outstanding we are working with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust to establish formally accredited Lead Practitioners amongst our teaching staff.

If you work at Rivington and Blackrod High School and consistently achieve good and outstanding lessons you will be supported to formally achieve this nationally recognised accreditation and join our Teaching and Learning Working Party. 

The SSAT (The Schools Network) Lead Practitioner accreditation programme recognizes the work of those who not only demonstrate outstanding expertise in their field but also lead colleagues to improve their practice, ultimately leading to a positive impact on student learning. The Lead Practitioner accreditation is used to drive forward professional development and school improvement from within and provide opportunities to work beyond.

To date SSAT (The Schools Network) have accredited over 1000 Lead Practitioners from the UK and internationally. The Lead Practitioner accreditation requires evidence to demonstrate the skills and attributes needed to lead practice with other colleagues – these categories being: Personal, Professional Knowledge and Process and Impact on Others. Accredited Lead Practitioners have demonstrated by submitting their relevant evidence, that they are at an ‘Extending’ or ‘Transforming and Leading’ stage in at least 7 out of the 10 assessed categories. This shows they are working beyond their team and at a regional, national or international level.